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Terry Lauber & Phinney Ridge Productions Inc.

For the past few decades, Terry Lauber has been working under the name Phinney Ridge Productions, Inc., creating award-winning music advertising for many businesses throughout the Northwestern US and beyond, many you’ve most likely seen and heard on television and radio. Terry has become one of the most hired vocalists, instrumentalists and producers in the NW, performing on over 3000 paid recording sessions and well over 350 CD/LP projects.


You’ll find music samples of some of Terry’s original songs, the rock band Gabriel (1970-1980) as well as samples of CDs produced for friends in Japan for whom Terry has had the good fortune to have visited and performed since the early 1990’s.


So please have a look through the various pages assembled here and if you have a question, comment or want additional information about upcoming gigs or performances, please use the ‘contact us’ link. Terry will be most happy to reply as soon as possible.


Thanks again for stopping by.