Gabriel wrote, performed and produced (along with Don McKinney, Buzz Richmond and Carl Maduri) 3 LP’s in the seventies all released internationally and with varying degrees of success. While we mostly played in the Western United States, we did also do some touring through the Eastern and Southern US.

During our nearly 10 year adventure, we all learned to play our instruments well, sing very well together and write some interesting and creative songs. Many of our songs, I believe, stand with strength and integrity, even today. I know I am extremely proud to have learned with and worked with such a creative and dedicated band of outlaws and in-laws. For all of us in Gabriel, we owe a debt of gratitude to all our fans, friends and listeners and for us players, it was the Gabriel experience that prepared us all to be life-long musicians, writers, producers, engineers, promoters, studio owners, studio musicians, humble studies of music and most importantly, human beings.

Stacy Christenson- Keyboards, Vocals, Songwriter

Michael Kinder- Drums, Vocals, songwriter

Frank Butorac- Guitars, Vocals, Songwriter

Terry Lauber- Guitars, Vocals, Pedal Steel Guitar, Songwriter

Gary Ruhl- Bass Guitar, Percussion

Gabriel LPs

Though our recordings are out of print, we’ve re-mastered all three Lp’s onto a double Cd set. To purchase the Cd set, send me an email: